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If you've come to our Nissan dealership near Evanston, IL, to buy a Nissan SUV, you'll quickly discover that you have no shortage of options. There are four different models for you to choose from, each with its perks. This may leave you wondering which one to drive home. Below, we quickly break down each Nissan SUV and crossover so you can see how they all compare.

The Nissan


If you're interested in the best blend of drivability and maneuverability, then the Nissan Rogue is the choice for you. This is a crossover vehicle, which means it's an automobile that was built on a car platform but boasts the features of an SUV. It also means that you can enjoy handling that's more similar to a sedan than to a sport utility vehicle or truck. The Nissan Rogue is also great at taking on impromptu challenges thanks to its available intuitive all-wheel drive, anti-lock brakes and well-tuned suspension. The Rogue is also the vehicle with the lowest starting MSRP, so it's a great entry point for SUV converts.

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The Nissan


On the opposite end of the spectrum is parked the luxurious Nissan Pathfinder. Rather than a crossover, this is a high-end SUV, a vehicle built on a powerful truck platform. The Pathfinder is dressed to impress, with seating for up to seven people at once and a huge amount of cargo space that you can put to use. Folding seats and hidden storage compartments make the interior highly adaptable. That versatility extends to the drivetrain, too -- some Pathfinder models are unique in their ability to offer shoppers the choice of Auto Mode, 2WD or 4WD at the spin of a dial. You also have plenty of power for towing boats, trailers and special equipment behind you.

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The Nissan


The Nissan Murano is another crossover, and one you can always count on. This model is perfect for families with teens and people who like to bring their friends along for the ride. It has split-folding seats and multiple USB ports for charging mobile devices and syncing up apps to the optional center console infotainment system. You'll also enjoy premium interior materials and Nissan's special Zero Gravity chairs. This means everyone will be raising their hands when you ask who's up for a drive. And the Murano boasts excellent fuel economy thanks to its efficient engine and clever engineering, so you'll be up for any spontaneous adventure.

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Made your decision? Need to do some more analysis by taking one for a test-drive? Either way, swing over to The Autobarn Nissan of Evanston today so we can help!