A Message to Our Customers, Our Employees & Our Friends.


from Richard A. Fisher
Dealer Principal
The Autobarn Dealerships of Evanston and Oak Park Illinois


I've agonized long and hard over the following; but after really thinking about it, the decision isn't so hard, because it's not even close.

As Illinois new car dealers we have important responsibilities to consider:



Governor Pritzker has issued a Shelter in Place Order to all Illinois residents with very good reason.

The effects of this awful pandemic are doubling daily in our area, and we MUST do everything we can to begin to flatten the curve.



We have, as have all car dealerships in Illinois, been deemed an Essential Business. This means we have the right (legally) to continue to operate our service and sales departments as normal.

I believe that this privilege pales in comparison to our responsibility to try to keep our employees and customers safe.


Here's how we have decided to approach the next two weeks.

The brick-and-mortar of our dealerships will close temporarily beginning Monday morning the 23rd of March.

We will limit any new face-to-face transactions until April 8th when we hope to re-open fully.


You can talk to us live by Phone, Facebook or our website's Chat Programs.

If you have questions or would like to schedule a time to finalize your in-progress transaction, don't hesitate to call us at 847-866-9666.

You still have the ability to complete your entire deal ONLINE through our site.

Check out autobarncars.com for full details of how to take advantage of the best deals I've ever seen in my 35 years in this business.


Our Service & Parts Departments are available to help our customers with any
EMERGENCY or "CAN'T WAIT" Service or Parts.

With free loaner cars as part of our extended Autobarn Concierge Service.

Go to autobarncars.com for details, or call us at 847-866-9666 to be directed.

You can also use our On-line Service Scheduler at


Our Employees will comply with Governor Pritzker's Shelter in Place (S.I.P.) directive.

Our priority is the safety of our employees and customers and to beating the virus in the communities that we serve.

We will maintain our employees
Health Plan Coverage while they are off.


Our Leadership Team will continue to closely monitor the situation.

As new information about our operating schedule becomes available, we'll share updates with you immediately.


Thank you for your understanding.

Take Care of Yourself and Your Family.

Richard A. Fisher
Dealer Principal

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